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Quilt, 22.5 x 38 inches

Detail of the panel

I never thought I would do anything like this. This quilt is the product of a collaboration with a couple of quilters. I stitched the bamboo panel and chose the main fabric with a leave pattern. My friend Ann Juell pieced together all the fabrics and  Cindi Jo  did the quilting. Note in the first image that the bamboo branches extend above the panel through sewn drawing lines. Also the horizontal sewn lines in the background make the bamboo branches to stand out. This piece in hanging at the entrance of my house as a backdrop of a Buddha Statue.

second-portrait-modelsmallWatercolor 12 x 16

He is an art student who accepted to model for my portrait group for three weekly sessions. After repeating his name several times I had to ask him to write down it for me because I was never able to got his name right. Let’s just say that he speaks volumes by his mere presence and his eyes. There is an image of Bob Marley in his T-shirt but I decided it would be a double portrait if I included it in the painting and it would be distracting. My goal in this portrait was to avoid getting muddy areas in his face. For the most part, I think it was achieved. The likeness, by the way, is dead on.

Charcoal on colored paper 12 x 16

She is not a professional model, but a fellow student (taking other art classes) with striking Mediterranean features. I was drawn to her nose ring and eyes so they became the focus of this drawing. When my teacher came to look at this rendering he said it was very Victorian. Mmmh…Do you think it is?

Charles-9-11-13smallCharcoal on colored paper 12 x 16

This is the work of three sessions of 2 and a half hours each in three weeks.  The setting was a portraiture class that I joined in a community college in Oakland. The model, a man in his seventies, is so interesting to draw as his age shows in his facial features. I have not got that much detail in a portrait before.

Ediel-portrait-smallWatercolor 12 x 18

My  three-year-old nephew. His face is so hard to capture even in a photograph. Luckily one day in a restaurant, he stood still looking at my cell phone long enough for me to take a couple of shots. It would have been out of the question to have a young boy to pose for a painting.  His eyes, in this watercolor portrait, express so loudly what his affect after a lunch meal that words are not really necessary.

MaxsmallCharcoal on toned paper 12 x 16 inches

The haircut of this model reminds me that of  the Greek/Roman  god Mercury with wings on his head. This pose was for the last 15 minutes of a 4-hour session of drawing and modeling. I got the features and likeness first and then developed the body. I made sure the high contrast areas were marked. The shadows were mapped before the 15 minutes were over, then I finished the shadowing later at home.

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Charcoal and white pastel on colored paper  12 x 16

Unexpectedly, this resting pose changed the general affect of the model, whose rough, masculine traits relaxed and morphed into pure sweetness.


Charcoal & white pastel  on colored paper 12 x 16

A dancer sitting down with a interesting flow of light and shadows in the background. Her physique was somewhat elusive in terms of her likeness. Not an easy face to draw and make her look like the model.  The spotlight above her makes her midsection show an interesting play of shapes. I emphasized the soft lines in the contour of her body that contrast her affect and the drama the background creates.

Irving-portraitsmallCharcoal and white pastel pencil on colored paper 12 x 16

Drawing portraits of mature people is way more interesting as their features  become more intricate.  He posed for two and a half hours. If I was sitting closer to the model I would have captured more details in his features. Nonetheless, I was happy with the likeness I achieved.